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SoftWash Training

SoftWashing is an exciting way to clean exterior surfaces to many types of buildings. Before you decide to buy SoftWashing equipment you should learn how to use it first! Our Discover SoftWash courses are ideal for the beginner or experienced professional cleaner who is new to SoftWashing. Education, knowledge and hands on experience training is what you need before you start purchasing any equipment, learn more by looking through our SoftWash Training packages. One system that produces not only purified water for window cleaning but also SoftWashing mixes for different types of surfaces such as render, roofs, concrete, patios, driveways and more, will allow you to have one van for multiple cleaning tasks, saving you more money on vans. Safety is paramount when using a SoftWash mixture and understanding how to protect the environment around your working area is essential to get more customers referring you. has Education, Chemicals and Equipment, all chemicals are designed to mix safely with Sodium Hypochlorite and are environmentally friendly when used according to the label instructions. When you are looking for a SoftWash professional in your area, check out the Find A Professional page on our website. To see what the industry giants are doing, click here to visit Purple Rhino Exterior Building Cleaning

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