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Softwash Systems are now available to buy in the UK

Enterprise System – The GIANT of the industry

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in high demand!
You’ve just missed it!
Now £24,995+VAT  08000 496 098


It is absolutely paramount to me that our staff always have the very best equipment available to do the very best job, in my opinion the SoftWash Systems is the absolut gold standard in softwashing equipment. When researching the market for something Simple Clean could use, these systems were the only things I felt could handle the scope I had in mind.

Luca Bertagna, Simple Clean Ltd


Blend Extra Rinse Module

3 Companies bought a Blend Extra Rinse already, available on preorder!Next production run December1 company upgraded from a Rogue. Order yours today!
£12,299+VAT  08000 496 098


Blend Rinse Module

8 Companies bought a Blend Rinse already, Available on preorder!Next production run December114 companies show interest in buying. Order yours today!
£8,899+VAT  08000 496 098


Blend 100 Module

85 companies show interest in buying. Order yours today! Available on preorder!Next production run December
£6,849+VAT  08000 496 098


Blend 50 Module

You’ve just missed it!
£5,450+vat  08000 496 098


Rogue Module

  • Designed to help you earn £125K-£150K per year
  • An affordable way to continue in the SoftWashing Industry
  • Part-Time, Few Days a Week
  • Domestic and Commercial Level
2 Companies bought a Rogue already, available on preorder!Next production run December1 company upgraded to a Blend Extra Rinse. Pre Order yours today!
£3,675+VAT  08000 496 098


Pump in a Bucket

  • Designed to help you earn £75K-£100K per year
  • Most affordable way to start testing the SoftWashing Industry
  • Part-Time, Weekend Jobs
  • Domestic Level Only
5 Available NOW!Next production run December – Order yours today!
£599+VAT 08000 496 098

When adding SoftWash cleaning services to your established window cleaning business or any other type of cleaning enterprise, you can use your existing customer base to get you to more money faster! Adding Exterior building cleaning services is the smart move for entrepreuneurs wishing to expand and grow their business. Education, knowledge and hands on experience training is what you need before you start purchasing any equipment, learn more by looking through our SoftWash Training packages. One system that produces not only purified water for window cleaning but also SoftWashing mixes for different types of surfaces such as render, roofs, concrete, patios, driveways and more, will allow you to have one van for multiple cleaning tasks, saving you more money on vans. Safety is paramount when using a SoftWash mixture and understanding how to protect the environment around your working area is essential to get more customers referring you. SoftWash-Systems.com has Education, Chemicals and Equipment, all chemicals are designed to mix safely with Sodium Hypochlorite and are environmentally friendly when used according to the label instructions. When you are looking for a SoftWash professional in your area, check out the Find A Professional page on our website. To see what the industry giants are doing, click here to visit Purple Rhino Exterior Building Cleaning

Who will benefit from these SoftWashing Systems?
  • One Van Businesses, SoftWash Systems are ideal for you.who want to offer all types of exterior building cleaning services without being stuck with just one system that can only do one type of cleaning.
  • Franchisors more income streams from each customer which will benefit your franchisees and your profits.
  • Newbies to the SoftWashing industry who demand the best equipment, chemicals and training.
  • Window Cleaners who want one system that really cleans All types of exterior surfaces
  • Pressure Washing Companies who want to add on SoftWashing services.
  • Carpet Cleaners can take advantage of their current customer base to offer Roof, Window and Driveway Cleaning Services
  • Gutter Cleaning Companies who want to add more revenue without finding more customers.
  • Established Cleaning Companies who demand the best equipment.
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