Probably the best roof & exterior cleaning business opportunity in the UK today...


Wednesday, 14th June 2023
£795 per person

Top Gun is special 1-day course, exclusively for employees of in-network companies who have successfully completed the Certified Applicator course as a minimum.

THREE TOP GUN INSTRUCTORS – Mark Toovey Darran Smith and Jon Goodger will be on hand to discuss any technical issues or concerns you may have.

You will learn “how to” Soft Wash a Roof or Render, just like a Top Gun professional would.

Join Us

Join us for the ultimate Top Gun Soft Wash Training experience! Our one-day program offers a unique opportunity to learn valuable technical insights and receive expert troubleshooting advice.


During the training, you will learn how to properly use your softwash equipment and optimise your setup process. Please bring your own water and electrical connections to connect to our conventional water and power supplies.


Our team of experienced instructors will evaluate your methods and provide personalized advice on potential improvements.

To ensure a seamless training experience, we will provide an outside tap and a 230 volt plug socket. Don’t miss this chance to take your soft washing skills to the next level! Enrol now and gain the knowledge and expertise you need to succeed in the competitive world of soft washing.

Places are strictly limited, so book early to secure your place.

We can come to you please call 07766243171 – Darran Smith. We will offer you a bespoke solution for your team.

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