The SoftWash Systems Assistant Manager Course consists of sixteen individual classes to help cover every aspect of training your newest hire!

From providing the job description to covering classes such as “Quality Control & Customer Care to “The Division of Health and Safety”, this course is the complete package!

Because, our goal here at SoftWash Systems is to make training your employees as easy as possible.



The Assistant Manager course is finalised by a required test and a passing grade of 80% or higher. Then the next step for a well-versed Assistant Manager is Territory Manager. 

Just a few things included in your course...

Assistant Manager


This is the one-on-one digital meeting between AC and any SWS in-network company employee to discuss the responsibilities of their job description. This is the job description for an Assistant Manager.

Covers the basics of what DISC is, and how it can help increase communication in all aspects of your life.

Employee turnover can be one of the largest ways a company can lose money. This class provides a DISC Personality Profile for each position of a SoftWash Systems In-Network Company. By using the DISC Assessment to qualify potential employees for positions in your company, will help ensure that each team member is performing a job that works for them.

As your company grows you will encounter two specific areas that may have seemed minor as an owner technician or even an owner-operator. These two areas are quality control and customer care. This class is a discussion of these two factors and how they impact your company. What seemed like a small concern is now magnified as you add more team members and trucks on the road.

The importance of the uniform and the positioning of the Softwash Systems co-branding on the uniform.

Building a great team takes some planning. Football teams can have 11 players on the field, basketball 5, and baseball 9. What positions on your team do you have to fill at the level you are at today? Why do you need to be very deliberate about things like organizational charts and job descriptions?

Like a soft-serve ice cream cone can be twisted together between two flavors so is our SoftServ™ business system. The vanilla is the old-school tangible, visual business systems our fathers used and the chocolate is the new, cool digital world. These two worlds can be successfully blended in side by side with a little coaching. This class is about the many digital tools available to us today that we can use to complement our “braces for business” approach. Straightening out your business practices, CRMs, Apps, Digitally based storage, and other advanced choices can be utilized to scale our businesses without “CLOUDING” our vision of how we direct our daily business activities.

Because we know, you can’t win in business without assembling a great team around you. If you believe this then you must know that a team can not function without MVPs, scoreboards, and stats. A team needs a game to play and a coach to win. Coaches can not move their players towards a win without player metrics. What can you clearly do in your office to communicate the direction that your team needs to move the ball? Therefore, this SoftServ™ class will help you put a winning program together.

Professional Requirements for Tracking and Measuring in your company! If you don’t keep score, then you don’t know if you’re winning or losing.

SoftWash Systems has worked hard to create systems so that you don’t have to. Our 6 Part NCR forms literally walk you through the procedures, making creating and keeping systems a breeze.

Work flow management is key to operating a successful service business. Dispatchers drive the productivity curve. SoftWash Systems through its SoftServ™ Business System practices a “vacancy factor” theology when it comes to booking trucks and crews. How to build in those vacancies and manage production will be discussed in this SoftServ™ class

Systematizing your companies approach to paying your employees will free you from laboring over decisions of pay increases and pay equity. Having a clear employee pay program will create a path for your employees to succeed and fulfillment of their dreams. Incentive-based pay programs promote the company and personal growth as well as build great teams that consistently put wins on the board. This SoftServ™ class will guide you through decades-old and proven systems AC Lockyer has used to grow multi-million dollar companies.

The SoftServ&trades; Wall System is a wall mounted tracking system that utilizes a single curtain rod to hang various sales tracking devices, developed by AC Lockyer during his 25+ years in the service industry.

Worksite safety is not only a law-governed by state and federal agencies it is also a responsibility under our Good Stewards pledge. This class will prepare you for adding key compliance protocols for ensuring worksite safety. Additionally, it will help you have a healthy attitude about the men and women charged by our government to help bring industries into compliance.



Further your Education by Enrolling in the Certified Applicator Course

Our Certified Applicator is the first level for a professional to participate as an In-Network SoftWash Systems company. The Certified Applicator educational course is designed to teach beginners and professionals how to soft wash profitably. You will receive both a workbook package as well as access to our SoftWash Systems Academy Online, where you will be able to stream educational content at the click of a button. Academy Online is a robust training resource you will use for training both yourself as well as every position inside your company. SoftWash Systems makes hiring and training EASY. SoftWash Systems offers an education that encompasses all levels of professionals, the best support in the industry, the newest innovations for soft washing equipment, and time tested chemicals that do the work for you!

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