Do You Really Want to Start Your Own Exterior Cleaning Business?

Roof and Exterior Cleaning is an all Year Round Opportunity

Discover SoftWash is our 3 day introductory soft wash training course. Our soft wash training facility is located at Henwood, Ashford, Kent.

You may be considering buying a franchise or just giving it a go yourself.

With over 30 years of experience SoftWash Systems can help you grow a sustainable business.

A Fully Systemised business.

Turn Key, where you end up working ON the business rather than IN the business.

Learning how to clean and be safe when doing so is the easy part.

Growing a business by getting enough customers and finding the right employees who will grow your business for you, is the hard part.

Business Systems is what most entrepreneurs need help with.

With over 250 training courses SoftWash Systems have everything already mapped out for you. All you need to do is implement the systems we teach you, to have a very successful business.

We operate like a franchise, but without the costly upfront investment and on going percentages most franchisees charge.

You get everything you need, step by step to grow a healthy profitable business.

SoftWash Training Courses.

Our Soft Wash training courses are ideal for people who are thinking about starting up their own business. They are possibly husband and wife teams who seek independence from having a job. They have likely never had a business before, and have never cleaned exterior surfaces for home owners or business premises.


SoftWash Systems has been developed specifically to support entrepreneurs on how to develop a sustainable business. Although we are not a franchise, we support you like a franchise operation would. We have everything you need to learn how to develop a single or multi van operation.

Discover Softwash 3 Day Soft Wash Training Course

The first part of your journey starts at Discover Softwash which is a 3-day educational soft wash training event hosted at the headquarters of SoftWash Systems Ashford, Kent. Discover SoftWash is aptly named as it’s a fantastic way for you to start out your soft washing journey discovering all its possibilities.

At the Discover Camp you will have education that spans everything from basic uses for our equipment, spraying techniques and how to use and understand the chemicals. These classes are both instructional in-class setting and in-field hands on training.

We teach you the basics of cleaning different surfaces, but more than that we teach you how we can help develop your own strong business brand into a turn key operation. A business that works for you, instead of you working for it! 

All classes start at 9.30 for a half hour meet and greet. Class starts at 10:00 am and will stop for lunch around 12-12.30pm. All afternoon classes will be in the field or warehouse.

The next course you will take is the Certified Applicator Course. All online. Over 20 hours followed by a 200 question exam. When passed you will become a Certified Applicator.


We then list your business website on our Find a Professional Pages when you have passed the course. In return you will be expected to include the relevant link on your website, preferably on your SoftWashing page, ask Darran for details.

Softwash Systems Academy Class Modules


The basic introduction of why soft washing is needed, and the biology behind mould and mildew.



How to be successful and profitable at selling soft wash jobs.



Breaking down the barriers of “Bleach” and the negative connotation behind it.



How SoftWash Systems equipment line differs from the rest.


BLEND MODULE Introducing the Blend Module and its robust functionalities.


The revolutionary design of the cradle skid and how it can supplement your existing business, or provide an entirely new business with many capabilities.



An overview of SoftWash Systems chemical line, and how to use each of them for the best results.



How to use our chemicals at the correct mixing ratios for different surfaces and roofs.



How to properly Softwash flat surfaces, an in-depth guide detailing the equipment and techniques necessary


Pierre & Laurence De Wet

We decided to go on the training, to learn more about the exciting opportunity SoftWash Systems have to offer people who are considering entering the roof and exterior surface cleaning business. SoftWash Systems have so much to offer everyone. Consider booking this course soon!

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