Finance Options

We offer finance on all items over £500

One of the many benefits of buying from us is that we offer finance (or leasing as it’s more commonly known) on all purchases over £500. We work with an independent broker who specialises in funding cleaning machines and has access to great deals and low rates.


There are many great reasons for you to lease your machine;

  1. You save on tax

Because leasing was set up under the consumer credit act, you can claim tax back on 100% of your payments. This tax relief can exceed the finance charge (interest), meaning you could even pay less over the lease period than the upfront cash price!

  1. You can spread the cost

When you lease an item, you can choose to spread the cost over 2-5 years; whatever works best for you and your business. Because you’re not having a large cash outlay, you can keep your cash reserves for when you really need them.

  1. No hassle to set up

Setting up a lease is quick and simple. One call to us gets the ball rolling. Our broker shops around for the best deals for you and can get approval the same day. There’s no charge for their service and they pride themselves on an easy fuss-free experience.

  1. Fixed interest rate

With a fixed interest rate for the term of the lease, you are able to budget for the years ahead. It’s also far cheaper than using your business account’s overdraft.

  1. It’s all yours!

At the end of your lease period, there is a one-off charge (usually the same amount as your previous monthly payment) which will transfer the title of the equipment to you. Then the equipment is all yours!

How much will it cost me?

Our broker has a free online interactive calculator  which will give you an instant estimate of how much it could cost you per week / month. This is just an estimate – it may be less or more, dependent on your personal circumstances. They can get you an exact quote if you talk to them over the phone.

Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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