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What is SoftWashing?

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Unlike Pressure Washing, SoftWashing is the safer alternative which uses low pressure pumps (about the same amount of pressure as a standard garden hose.)

Pressure Wash Damage

A SoftWash solution is carefully blended by the SoftWash equipment which is located in the vehicle.

The fully biodegradable solution is carefully mixed to use solely for your property and the materials it is made from, such as render, tiles, cladding and wood, plus the level of infestation which needs treating such as moulds, mildew, lichens and mosses which are growing on the surfaces.

SoftWash Equipment

Longer lasting results are achieved, often up to 4 – 6 times longer than if pressure washed.

SoftWashing uses much less water than a pressure washer would, and is also less noisy due to being 12 volt battery powered. All in all it is much gentler than pressure washing with much more longer lasting results.

4-6 Times Longer

Our SoftWashing In-Network Companies

We are proud to be putting together a group of professionally minded individuals throughout the United Kingdom who strive to be the very best at what they do.

By joining Purple Rhino’s SoftWash Systems Ltd, they have committed themselves and their employees to undertake strict training courses, use industry leading SoftWashing equipment and fully biodegradable chemicals.

SoftWash Training

You can be assured that they will use Green Wash, Terra Wash, Rain Fresh, Final Wash and Wood Wash which are all market leading products fit for purpose. Look out for our Good Stewards logo.

Good Stewards

They will turn up on time to prepare a survey and provide you with a fully written quotation. Should you decide to award them the work they will turn up in a company uniform complete with fully sign written vehicle(s)

They will belong to affiliated networks and be checked by Checkatrade which will give you peace of mind that they have been checked for insurance and other accreditations by a third party.

Before Your Contractor Visits you

They will have undertaken Certified Applicator and Three Days Discover SoftWash Training as a minimum.

This will give you and them the peace of mind that they fully understand how to safely clean surfaces such as Through Coloured Renders, Roof Tiles, Cladding, Cedar Wood, Driveways and Patios.

At this stage they will have achieved Certified Applicator Status.

Three Levels of SoftWash & Business Training Over Two Years

What does this mean to you the customer

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Certified Applicator

This means that the company/contractor visiting your home or business has gone through a series of training to achieve this status. 

This comprises of

Once Certified we expect contractors to then meet their yearly CEU’S (Continual Education Units). This may be from reading a business book or attending a relevant training course. If these units are not met then the contractor may lose their status.

Authorised Professional

Six months will have now passed since your contractor has passed his Certified Applicator. During this time you contractor will have been continually training and increasing his knowledge within this business through our In-Network events and recommended avenues.

To achieve Authorised Status your contractor will have:

They have joined and will be verified by Checkatrade  who are a third party organisation where you will also be able to see reviews. They will have use of SWS 5yr Roof Cleaning Warranty. Again, your contractor will have been expected to reach his yearly CEU’s (Continual Education units) to keep his status.

Five Star Company

Another 18 months will have passed. Your contractor will have been building his business and be the best at what he does…..Softwashing. This will be his main revenue stream in his business

To achieve Five Star Status your contractor will have:

Our SWS professionals uphold our In-Network values and standards at all times so that you can be sure of excellent results at all times

So as you can see, all SWS professionals whether they are Certified or 5 Star are committed to giving the customer a first class service by using industry leading equipment and fully biodegradable chemicals.

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Three Stages

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