How Do You Remove Mould From Exterior Rendered Walls

How do you remove mould from exterior rendered walls when;


Mould is natural.


Mould has been with us since the beginning of time.


Mould plays a vital role in the Earths eco system.


The cause of mould growing on rendered walls is moisture. Fungi needs food and moisture to thrive. Microbes are everywhere on the planet. With most building materials provide the perfect fast food for mould. The key to addressing any mould problem is to identify the source of the moisture.


Rendered Walls


Through coloured renders come in all types of colours and textured finishes. There are multiple manufacturers and when applied to homes or commercial buildings make them look smart and attractive.


Black Mould Growth

Stachybotrys Chatarum is the name commonly called black mould. It can also be seen as dark green, grey or black slime.


Clean First for Health and Then for Appearance


The risk to our health is far more important than making a building look good through treating and cleaning it. Mould usually starts on the outside and then appears on the inside. The health risks to young children, the elderly and those with on going health problems are most at risk.


We know moulds produce allergens (substances which cause allergic reactions) irritants and toxic substances. Inhaling through normal breathing or touching mould spores can cause these allergic reactions.


  • Sore Throat
  • Runny Nose
  • Sneezing
  • Red Eyes
  • Skin Rash
  • Eczema
  • Asthma Attacks


There is a likelihood that when you have repeated symptoms from the list above, you will have a mould problem affecting you.


Housing Associations and Landlords


You have an obligation to keep tenants safe in their homes. There are things you can do to help reduce mould growth both outside and inside.


  1. Sanitise exterior walls, roofs, and flat surfaces
  2. Provide a maintenance schedule
  3. Educate tenants to report any mould growth
  4. Educate tenants how to prevent mould growth inside.


Treatment For All Types of Organic Matter Growth on Render, Brick or Stone Walls


Sodium Hypochlorite mixed with Green Wash which contains anti-microbial properties will kill off spores. Sanitising the exterior surfaces free from mould is essential. Sodium Hypochlorite is safe to use when applied by properly trained soft washing professionals.


Soft Washing is the perfect method to sanitising exterior surfaces on homes, apartment buildings as well as all types of commercial properties.


Once the property has been sanitised on the outside, you will have options to keep it mould free for many years to come.


  1. Have a maintenance plan in place. Using a professionally trained company to sanitise exterior surfaces annually will give you written proof that you are being pro-active in keeping tenants safe. Higher Initial outlay to first treat the property plus lower annual fees ongoing is the better option. This is because you will receive an annual inspection report and treatment service from the contractor.
  2. Treat and clean the property initially to remove all mould from the surface and then apply a hydrophobic coating to prevent mould growth. Various products come with different lifetime warranties ranging from 5 years to 25 years. Extremely high initial outlay and no annual inspection report.



Find a Professional Soft Wash Trained Company

Throughout the United Kingdom there is a group of independent businesses who have all been trained to the highest of standards to remove and prevent mould growth by Soft Wash Systems. Our training courses stretch out to two years and only the best of the best reach our coveted 5 Star Company Status.


They all have the same equipment, they all undertake the same training and they all use the same chemicals to treat exterior surfaces.


They can quickly remove mould from properties, taking hours instead of days for homes. Housing Associations and Landlords with large housing stock can soon make exterior surfaces mould free.



Soft Wash Systems Status Levels


Certified Applicator Status Usually a one van operation who has been fully trained to treat and clean all types of exterior surfaces including roofs, walls and flat surfaces.


Authorised Professional Status six months after achieving Certified Applicator Status, higher levels of training have been undertaken to establish the business from owner operator to a manged business which has a minimum of two softwash vans on the road.


5 Star Company Status SoftWash Systems Five Star Companies are our best and brightest. Not only have they completed the same steps as the Certified Applicators and Authorised Professionals but they have capitalised on additional programs and capability levels that make them our most capable and highly decorated in-network companies in our system.


Additionally, Five Star Companies have multiple vans/crews equipped with the latest in SoftWash Systems equipment, chemicals and training. These are soft washing businesses that are multiple employee and are run from physical/commercial offices.

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