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You Only Need 7 People to Grow Your Exterior Cleaning Business to One Million Pounds...

Growing a roof and exterior cleaning business from £0 to £1 million in revenue is a challenging goal, but with a strong business plan and the right team in place, it can be achieved.

In the United Kingdom, only one company, Purple Rhino, has been able to surpass the 1 million pound turnover barrier in the residential roof and exterior surface cleaning sector. They are based in Ashford, Kent. They were able to do this by offering only safe and effective roof and exterior cleaning services, and following a proven business system. Teodora and Darran Smith own the 5 Star Company and have no active role in the day to day running of the business.

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The system Purple Rhino used was one created by us here at SoftWash Systems.

We have a great business plan, which is straight forward to follow. All you have to do is implement what we teach. We already have the training in place for every one of your employees, we already have the job descriptions, and of course “how to” find great employees to help you grow.


To reach this level of success, you only need a small team of seven people, consisting of:


1. One brilliant administrator/dispatch manager to handle day-to-day operations and customer service.


2. Two territory manager sales people to help you generate leads and close sales.


3. Four cleaning technicians who are trained and equipped to provide high-quality cleaning services to your customers.


Additionally, you will need a few key resources, including:


1. Two vans to transport your cleaning technicians and equipment to job sites.


2. Two cars for your sales team to use for sales calls and meeting with customers.


3. One 1500 sq ft facility to serve as your office and storage space for equipment and supplies.


The most important ingredient in growing a business is YOU.


Without YOU having a goal, a written business plan and a GROWTH mindset, YOU will be the one stopping your company from reaching the goal. Most people in the cleaning sector have very self limiting beliefs, once you overcome them, your business can really hit great heights.


People who have growth mindsets, regularly read/listen to business related books, they attend business training events and listen to key note speakers, they implement quickly and methodically what they have learned. They spend quality time on their personal and business goals. Usually spending at least a couple of hours a day learning. They usually employ a business coach. They are determined to become a successful entrepreneur.


People who have fixed mindsets, do non of the above, they either believe they can do it alone or they completely doubt everything written on a page like this.


Truth is, we all need help to grow and it is easier to learn from somebody who is bigger and better than ourselves.


By following our proven steps and focusing on providing safe and effective cleaning services, you can grow your business and reach the 1 million turnover milestone. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that growing a business takes time, hard work, and dedication, but with a solid business plan and the right team in place, it is possible.


The net profit margin should be between 19% and 25% for a business like this where YOU the owner has no active role within the company.


Your job is to fill the seats with the right people and make sure that they follow the training plan and implement perfectly their own part to ensure company success.


You must also watch the budgets, no more than 5% spend on marketing, no more than 5% spend on chemicals and so on. Never exceed the budget and you will grow faster than you can imagine.


Once you have your business doing this perfectly…


You can then think about opening a second and third depot and simply repeat the success you already have.


For to five locations and you can have a £4/5 million turnover business chucking off £1 million pound in profits which you get to invest into your future plans.


How long is it likely to take?


Two years to setup the first branch perfectly.


Branch two should then reach similar numbers within three to four months.


Branch three should be setup once you have seen branch two is working perfectly


Then you can setup as many more branches as you want.


SoftWash Systems is not just about teaching you how to clean something. It is here to help Entrepreneurs grow sustainable, meaningful businesses who employ local people to enrich the whole community.


Have you got a big dream that you need help developing?


Are you coachable?


Do you want to follow and implement a proven plan without going off on another tangent.


We would be honoured to help you and have you onboard as one of our In Network companies right here in the UK. It can all start when you book a Zoom here

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