Our History


In 1992, AC Lockyer used his background in horticulture to look at the problem of algae streaking in a different way. Instead of utilising traditional pressure washing equipment commonly used in the exterior cleaning industry, he went with a totally chemical approach. This “completely chemical” cleaning system was developed in 1992 and called the Mallard System.


Green Wash was created.


Green Wash was tested in a major shingle manufacturer’s laboratory and judged safe for use on shingle roofs. In the testing process two shingles were taken directly from the manufacturing line for testing purposes. One was coated in a bleach and water solution that also contained Green Wash. The other was not treated at all. Both shingles were then placed in testing ovens at 300 degrees and 100% humidity for thirty days (this test simulates 30 years of shingle aging). The results showed that the shingle treated with our soft washing solution had less apparent aging than the one that was not treated at all. Based upon that test AC’s company was chosen to perform cleanings on that m


Plant Wash was created.


Final Wash was created.


The chemical make-up of Green Wash was changed to be completely biodegradable. This adjustment took phosphates completely out of our chemicals. Phosphates are what is added to most soaps to make them foam or create suds. Since 1998 all of our chemicals have met the definition of biodegradable in that they break down into carbon and / or water within twenty (20) days of their introduction into the environment.


AC’s company, now a decade old, had cleaned in excess of 55,000 roofs throughout Florida. Various surfaces had been cleaned using our soft washing additives without any kind of damage. Our soft washing technique and additives had cleaned surfaces from shingle roofs to tile, brick exteriors to EAFIS, membrane roofs to TPO, awning fabrics to concrete drives and walks, all without the potentially harmful effects of pressure/power washing.


AC’s passion for community and entrepreneurship grew and he started brainstorming about how to help other companies achieve the same soft washing results by Education, Equipment, Chemicals and Support.


SoftWash Systems was incorporated.


Terra Wash was created.


Oxi Wash was created.


Wood restore was created


AC and SoftWash Systems soft washing equipment and chemicals have been used in thirty (30) states of the US and five (5) countries. Our in-network companies have cleaned in excess of 100,000 roofs and structures throughout the world and our products have been approved for use by major theme parks, property management companies, government buildings, installations, colleges, and universities. To this date there is no safer, better respected, and more widely used soft washing product line available.

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