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Soft Wash Training Course

What Are The Benefits?

We know how confusing it is trying to figure out what is the best type of soft wash training for your needs and budget.


That’s why at SoftWash Systems, we believe that in order for you to make the right buying decision, our prices must be explained in some detail.


1. Our Prices

2. What is Included

3. Where Your Money Goes

4. FAQs

5. What We Don’t Teach You to Clean

How Much Does SoftWash Systems Training Cost?

1. First of all, we believe in transparent pricing for all of our soft wash training courses. Yes we have more than one, in fact we have over two hundred and fifty courses for you. Some are free, others have individual costs, whilst others are on our subscription plan (more about this later)


Your Journey with us should begin with you attending our Ashford, purpose built soft wash training facility and attending our Discover SoftWash Course. Which is our three day introductory course and costs £727 plus VAT

What is Included?

2. We include printed easy to follow workbooks for you to use during the course. They are yours to take home and use as reference whenever you wish. Pens are provided and yours to keep to remind you of us.

Where Your Money Goes

3. Lunch, Oh wow! We going to look after you whilst you are soft wash training, each day we provide fantastic food to keep you nourished. We also provide refreshments throughout the day, bottled water, tea and coffee. Even a large variety of cold fizzy drinks.


Hands on training, yes we will take you out into the field and teach you how to use genuine SoftWash Systems equipment and soft wash chemicals.


We will supply you with Safety Glasses, Face Mask and Disposable Gloves to use throughout the on site soft wash training.


You will need to bring suitable out door clothing to wear whilst on site training. Wellies, water proof trousers and jackets.


What Happens on a Three Day SoftWash Training Course?

  • Day 1 – Three Classes inside Our Training Facility – Lunch – Spraying Techniques on Flat Surfaces
  • Day 2- Three Classes Inside Our Training Facility – Lunch – SoftWashing a “live” Building
  • Day 3- Three Classess Inside Our Training Facility – Lunch – SoftWashing a Low Level Roof

What Will We Teach You to Clean?

Everyone’s favourite surface to clean is RENDER, therefore we will take you out and teach you how to safely and effectively treat a fully rendered home.

This will include:


Nationwide, more home owners are wanting to look after their roofs, we are going to teach you how to soft wash a roof. Because this is a training course, we will teach you on a low level roof, so you fully understand the techniques required to complete the task safely

This will include:

Flat Surfaces

Everyone loves to see a clean driveway or patio, our soft wash training course also teaches you the correct spraying techniques to carefully apply a soft wash solution to get the best results.

This will include:

Will I Get a SoftWash Systems Training Certificate at the End of Three Days?

Simple answer is NO.


You have not yet learned enough.


You will be confident and competent enough to start your exterior cleaning journey as an owner operator.


You will understand the basics, and be comfortable that SoftWash Systems Training is the right partner for your business development journey.


It takes time and effort to earn a training certificate. Your first certificate will have to be earned when you complete your Certified Applicator course which is a twenty five module on line course. You will only be awarded your certificate when you pass a 200 question exam. To pass you must score over 80%. We only want the best of the best to join our In Network companies.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Certified Applicator Trained Company?

First of all you will be better educated about soft washing than most others out there. You can join our In Network Only Facebook Group. You will be allowed to use the Certified Applicator shield on all of your advertising efforts, branded vehichles, website etc. We will also list you on the Find a Professional section of our website. Potential clients will contact you directly to request your services. Bonus you will also now have the ability to train everyone in your company at no extra cost. You will actually have a training course designed specifically for employees.

Who Should Attend a Three Day Discover SoftWash Training Course

What We Don’t Teach You

5. Commercial Property Cleaning

Our initial three day Soft Wash training does not include training on commercial buildings. This is taught later on in your softwash systems journey.

Why do we not teach you “how to” clean different types of commercial property

1. CSCS (card) Safety Training

2. Working at Height Regulations Training

3. Asbestos Awareness Training

4. Manual Handling Training

5. COSHH Training

6. Safety Harness Training

7. IPAF Training

8. PASMA Training

9. SWS Certified Applicator Training

10. Top Gun School Training


Once you are ready, we offer on site training to commercial jobs you need help with. There is a charge for this and costs vary depending upon location. We will need to charge you for travelling, hotel accommodation and time spent with you on site.


Other requirements we insist upon are:

Do not worry about any of this if you don’t know now. Over time you will be taught everything you need to know about all of this stuff. It can seem almost like a never ending list of things to learn, but given time, you will become experienced and knowledgeable.

One step at a time...

Our three day introductory Discover SoftWash Course is ideal for beginners who need help to understand where to start.

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