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Three Step Colour Restoration System

The three step colour restoration system has been developed by Purple Rhino back in 2014. This colour restoration system outlasts all competitors products available on the market. Darran Smith of Purple Rhino researched products which took him half way around the world. After many trials were conducted we opted for a product which had been tested to DIN 11341, Xenon Testing Standards. The product is also VOC free.

Xenon test

How does it work?

Original RAL colour will be restored to look brand new.

Step one – Is a surface restoration cream which removes oxidation and UV damage, applied by hand method using a non scratch pad.

Step two – Is a hydrophobic liquid which coats the surfaces to make them smooth.

Step three – Is a hydrophobic gel which coats the surfaces and gives full UV protection and lasts for many years.


step 1 step 2 step3


This three step colour restoration system can be used to restore, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, plastisol type cladding and powder coated surfaces such as aluminium window frames found in today’s modern architecture.


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