Buy Stonehealth Dpu – Doff® Power Unit For Sale

£3,595.00 + VAT

Intended Use To power Stonehealth DOFF Machine

Mass: 100KG

Voltage: 230v/110v AC

Flow Rate: 5 Litres/Minute Inlet

Temperature: 40°c Max

Engine Speed: 2500 Rev/min

Frequency: 50Hz

Pump Pressure: 120 Bar

Generator Output: 1.2KW max

IP Rating: 23



A specially designed Diesel powered generator for powering the DOFF® system.

Doff® Power Unit is the perfect diesel engine especially created for your business’ needs

Average of 7 to 10 working day lead time.

Doff® Power Unit

The Doff® Power Unit consists of a completely bespoke unit with a modern, electric start, self-charging, air cooled diesel engine which belt drives the high pressure pump and also a 1.2kw alternator with 110 or 230V 50Hz output and overload cut-outs, more than sufficient to run the DOFF® hotbox.

With a DPU you no longer require a bulky generator to run “off grid” and as long as you can supply water (only 5 litres/ min for a DOFF) you can realistically run from the back of a van for an hour on a 250 litre plastic tank.

The DPU is completely self-contained with its own diesel tank and sits in a purpose built tubular trolley with its own wheels for easy manoeuvring.


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