The DOFF® Extending Pole can reach up to 18ft (5.3m) when fully extended, and still deliver superheated 150°C at the nozzle. Its carbon composite construction is lightweight and durable. Ideal for use with the Standard and theDOFF® Integra System from Stonehealth.


The telescopic DOFF® Extending Pole was developed so that costly traffic management and access equipment can be avoided for certain projects. It allows you to reach two stories from ground level, yet maintain the temperature the DOFF® is renowned for. The DOFF® Pole is the only extendable pole system on the market approved for use with the DOFF®.


The DOFF® Extending Pole’s ability to extend to 5 metres enables operatives to clean larger areas without having to re-site access as often. In many cases, cleaning can be undertaken from the ground without access platforms or MEWPs.

Please allow 7-10 working days after full payment for delivery.

* Price and delivery based on UK mainland orders only

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Operating Pressure

Upto 1,450psi/100bar


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DOFF® Extending Pole

£503.84 + VAT

● Lightweight yet durable construction

● Telescopic Delivery Pole

● Extends up to 18ft (5.3m)

● Trigger Control

● Price includes delivery within mainland UK


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