Doff® Integra Steam Cleaning System

The DOFF® Integra is a market-leading, expertly engineered, kerosene fuelled steam cleaning system that utilises a normal water supply to clean a wide range of surfaces. Based upon the original DOFF® Standard; the Integra was developed to offer greater ease of operation, manoeuvrability, quick-release modular components, digital displays, and easy loading.

The Stonehealth DOFF® machine’s water supply is fed via a pump into a hot-box where it is rapidly heated to temperatures of up to 150℃. The output temperature and pressure can be set by the operator as required.  This superheated water is then fed through high-temperature heat-resistant hoses to the nozzle at a rate of between 3-5 litres per minute to provide exceptional cleaning capability and is  commonly used to remove:
● Paint coatings (most oil and plastic types)
● Graffiti
● Algae, moss, and fungi
● Wax coatings
● Chewing gum
● Bitumen, oil, grease, and much more

… all without damaging, disfiguring, or discolouring the substrate. The surface being cleaned does not suffer any damaging pressure, thermal shock, or deep saturation, and once cleaned, the surface dries within minutes, preventing any long-term damage resulting from trapped moisture.

The DOFF® Integra is recommended for use on:
● Brickwork
● Stone
● Concrete
● Tiles
● Wood
● Ceramics

… and is widely used in building conservation and restoration, industry, food production, hygiene control, hospitals, factories, transport & vehicle depots and workshops, etc. There’s no need to use a chemical biocide during the removal process or as a protection against further biological activity after using the DOFF® Integra.

The DOFF® Integra is also approved for use by English Heritage for cleaning on Listed Buildings.

A wide range of accessories, spares and consumables are available for this steam cleaning system and its’ tried-and-tested technology.

Delivery is 4-6 weeks currently. The Doff will be delivered directly to a place of your choice. Training for up to 4 operatives. You must ensure you have a water and electricity supply.


* Price and delivery based on UK mainland orders only

Additional information

Power Source

110V, 32A ~ 50Hz, 115V, 13A ~ 60Hz, 230V, 13A ~ 50Hz

Water Consumption


Operating Pressure

Upto 1,450psi/100bar

Temperature Range


Supply Water Temperature


Weight (Hotbox only)


Weight (pump only)


Weight (combined)


Dimensions (Hotbox only)

500 x 282 x 310mm (L x W x H)

Dimensions (Pump only)

680 x 630 x 1,030mm (L x W x H)

Shipping Dimensions

1020 x 820 x 1150 (L x W x H)


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DOFF® Steam Cleaning System

£6,690.88 + VAT

Kit Includes

● Delivery within mainland UK
● Training for up to 4 operatives
● 2 dedicated Jerry Cans
● Quick release self-seal fuel connections
● Digital programming/temperature readout
● Hot work/warning light
● Cooling down light to prevent scale build-up
● Emergency stop button
● Blocked filter warning
● Integral pump carrier
● Easy van loading wheels
● Quick fit hoses
● 2 x 15m hot hose
● Smart water security coding
● Dust and water protected leads (IP67)
● Thermal Pump Protection
● 1 gun
● 1 short lance
● 1 long lance
● 2 DOFF nozzles
● DOFF Integra user guide
● 25L inhibited HCL DOFF Descaler

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