Plant Wash when used during the Soft Washing application will ensure you don’t damage plants and grass when used in accordance with the Soft Wash training program as seen is Discover Soft Wash classes.

It is easy to damage plants around building where you are softwashing the render or other substrate, when using sodium hypochlorite to clean them with. Plant Wash (Download SDS here) is designed to reverse plant damage caused by caustic cleans such as sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide. Plant Wash attacks these issues in 4 ways.

  1. Neutralises the caustic
  2. Liqufertilises the plants through their leaves
  3. Coats the leaves with a buffering agent
  4. Adds back vital nutrients at the base of the plants, helping beneficial bacteria to repopulate the soil.

Along with thorough rinsing with clean water, before, during and after the cleaning, Plant Wash is used as a final rinse to make absolutely sure every step has been taken to protect the customer’s landscape.



  • Use a hose end style, garden sprayer to apply Plant Wash to landscape plants exposed to caustic cleaning chemicals.
  • Remove the cup from the bottom of the sprayer.
  • Completely fill the cup with Plant Wash. Add a little water to the cup so the contents settle.
  • Add more till cup is completely full.
  • Replace the cup on the bottom of the sprayer.
  • Turn on garden hose and allow the cup to fill with water.
  • Once the cup is full, you will notice a light purple color to the water flowing from the front of the sprayer.

Apply liberally to all landscape that was exposed to the caustic cleaning solution. Do this as a final step after traditional rinsing. Flood the flowers, leaves, stocks and root system with the Plant Wash. An average home will easily take 2 full cups from the hose end sprayer.


Mix Ratios:

  • Apply with a Hose End Sprayer, add 450 gram to a Landscape Sprayer.
  • When using a Batch Chemical Sprayer add 30 gram of Plant Wash to 5 litres of Water.

Plant Wash

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Plant Wash

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