Wood Wash (box of 4 bottles)

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Wood Wash (Download SDS) is a Softwashing chemical that can effectively clean the wood and kill the microbes attacking and feeding off it. Use a 1% bleach water solution and add to the softwashing solution at 1 ounce per gallon. When wood reached desired colour rinse well with clean water and then apply and leave in SoftWash Systems Wood Restore.

Mix Ratios:
Add 1 Oz to 1 Gallon of Water in your 1% – 2% SH based softwashing solution. (See the chart below for UK measurements)
50-gallon wood cleaning batch add 50oz to your 1% SH-Water Mix batch for Wood Cladding, Fences, Decks. Apply with chem sprayer and when wood reaches desired colour rinse well with clean water. Especially stained wood may require a 2% SH solution and a 2oz per gallon ratio.

Wood Wash Mixing Ratio


Wood Wash

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