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The Blend Rinse Extra SoftWash System is a great mid-range model, it falls between the Blend Rinse and the Pro machines.


New BLEND 6X Module

New 12 volt Bulk Rinse DC Plus

It comprises of a Blend 50 Soft Washing module, a Rinse 100 module, 2 x 12in manual Soft Wash hose reels complete with hose for both chemical delivery and rinsing, all mounted on our 57in skid, it also has 6 saddle tanks attached, 5 of the saddle tanks are for holding SoftWash Chemicals Green Wash, Terra Wash, Rain fresh, Restore and Final wash.
The sixth saddle tank is a metering saddle tank, this is for pulling Plant Wash through the powerful DC Bulk Rinse pump, Plant Wash is both a feed for plants and a bleach neutraliser. A MUST HAVE for ALL SoftWashing Jobs!
This SoftWash system can be fitted in to a Ford Transit Custom sized van or Similar. It can also be fitted in to the back of an Isuzu D MAX (inc. Double Cab) or a Ford Ranger style pick up. A covered or open Soft Wash trailer is also another option.
This SoftWash System when used for cladding cleaning will treat 2,000 sq metres a day with ease! Ideal for use on Apartment K-Rend Soft Washing projects where an excellent finish is required. EPDM membrane style roofs will look as good as new when SoftWash treated. Long SoftWashing hoses mean you can park the SoftWash van near to the building and pull up the SoftWash lances onto the flat roof.  You can add extra SoftWash hose when needed. A typical 4 bedroom rendered house can be soft washed in less than 1 hr (excluding roof).
We advise that you take a Discover SoftWash Course before buying any SoftWash Machine.

The Blend Extra Rinse is used by Purple Rhino and Alfresco Group see here 


Payment terms

If a machine is in stock we ask for 50% on order and 50%  at least 48 hours before collection

If a machine has to be ordered from America we ask for a third on order, a third on dispatch from America and third payment on delivery in the UK


Please note a machines warranty is null and void if you do not maintain your machine correctly by using Final Rinse after every use


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Weight 195 kg
Dimensions 145 × 102 × 122 cm


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