Blend Rinse Module

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Blend Rinse Module

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New BLEND 3D Module (Picture not shown)

New 12 volt Bulk Rinse DC Plus (picture not shown)

The Blend Rinse SoftWash System-here we combine both the Blend 50 SoftWash unit with our Bulk Rinse SoftWash pump 50 Module.
Rinsing is a large part of SoftWashing, in that when the SoftWash solution has been sprayed on to the surface to be treated and left to dwell for a time we need to rinse away debris and salt residue, also for before, during and after watering of the area’s that need to be SoftWashed clean. Our Bulk Rinse SoftWash module does not use pressure to do this, so will not damage the surface you are treating, or plants you are watering, but uses a much greater volume of water than say a normal garden tap.
With this SoftWash system you get the Blend 50 which is the heart of all our SoftWash Systems here in the United Kingdom, the Bulk Rinse 50, both mounted on a 42in SoftWash skid, a Reel Stand with 2 x 12in manual Softwash hose reels, one reel comes with 250ft of 1/2in clear braided chemical delivery hose, the other with 250ft of 5/8in clear braided bulk rinse hose.
Using our Bulk Rinse Module will speed up the whole process of SoftWashing a property.
This system can be fitted in to a Ford Transit style van, ideally a high roof version so that there is access to the Blend module for servicing. It can also be fitted to a Ford Ranger style pick up.

This SoftWash System is ideal for treating all types of through coloured renders such as K-Rend, Weber, Monocouche, Parex etc It is perfect for SoftWashing any type of pitched or flat roof. When used for SoftWashing Cladding, not only will it leave the cladding shiny due to the Cheetah Wax used in Final Wash but the speed of cleaning will amaze you. Using genuine SoftWash Chemicals combined with Sodium Hypochlorite will keep surfaces cleaner for up to 4-6 times longer.


Payment terms

If a machine is in stock we ask for 50% on order and 50%  at least 48 hours before collection

If a machine has to be ordered from America we ask for a third on order, a third on dispatch from America and third payment on delivery in the UK


Please note a machines warranty is null and void if you do not maintain your machine correctly by using Final Rinse after every use

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