The enterprise Soft Wash System is the UK’s leading van mounted system for the serious entrepreneur. When you want to become a professional soft washing company you will need world class soft wash equipment.

Soft Wash Systems equipment is ideal for render cleaning to all types of through coloured renders including but not limited to K-Rend, Weber, Parex, Monocouche and many more.

These van mounted Enterprise soft wash systems will speed through your workload faster and safer than anything else on the UK soft wash market.

Great Soft Washing companies who already use the Enterprise Soft Wash System include Purple Rhino – see their website here

Also take a look at our Soft Wash Academy pages here 

Full Aluminium, Blend Module, Chemical Storage, Bulk Rinse module, Purified water module, 3 soap saddle tanks. 1 metering saddle tank 18” Hose reel with ½” hose – 18” hose reel with 5/8” hose
12” Reel 3/8” pressure hose, 12” 200 Loaded power cord reel, 4000 PSI Honda Pressure Washer (electric start) 18” Flat Surface Cleaner, Flat Surface Cleaner mount
The system can be upgraded to electric reels and custom fitted lights in a choice of colours – Red – Green – Blue – Purple! Call to discuss
The ideal van for these are Transit Dropside or a FORD F250!




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Weight 555 kg


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Enterprise Soft Wash System

£27,495.00 + VAT

Enterprise System – The GIANT of the industry

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