Vanguard Softwash System

£28,985.00 + VAT

Top of the Range System

Blend 50, Bulk Rinse 100, Ionics Pure Water Tank, Electric Reels

The system has Saddle tanks which hold Green WashTerra WashFinal Wash and Plant Wash

The ULTIMATE one van System

Ideal for Transit MWB or similar size L2 H2 vans

In stock


SoftWash System for Large Vans.

Soft Wash Equipment UK


New BLEND 3D Module (Picture not shown)

New 12 volt Bulk Rinse DC Plus (picture not shown)

New Phantom Window Works – Pure Water (picture not shown)

The Vanguard is one of our largest SoftWash systems, it comprises of a Blend 50, a Bulk Rinse 100 and a Pure Water 50 Module.
It all comes fitted on to our extra large 72in SoftWash skid, which includes an extended reel stand with 3 electric SoftWashing hose reels to include 1 x 18in reel with 300ft of chemical hose, 1 x 18in reel with 300ft of bulk rinse hose and 1 x 12in reel with 300ft of pure water hose. It also has 3 Soft Wash Chemical saddle tanks for Green Wash, Terra Wash and Final Wash and 1 metering saddle tank for Plant Wash.

Machine measurements

Weight- 525 kgs

Length 191 cm, 140cm Width, 115 depth

A Pressure Washer can be added at extra cost, please speak to one of our advisers.

This SoftWash system does everything, you have the ability to SoftWash Commercial / industrial buildings, houses of any size as well as clean windows, all using only one machine.
Ideally this system would be fitted inside a large van, at least a L2 H2 version, Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Citroen Relay for example. A covered or open SoftWash trailer is also another option.
Rinsing down windows after SoftWashing buildings gives the perfect result for you and your customers. Often buildings which have been pressure washed clean, leave behind extremely dirty windows which is not good for the customer. A SoftWash technician should ALWAYS take pride in the buildings being cleaned. Our Ionics pure water rinse module will leave windows streak and smear free.
We advise that you take a Discover SoftWash Course before buying any SoftWash Machine.

Payment terms

If a machine is in stock we ask for 50% on order and 50%  at least 48 hours before collection

If a machine has to be ordered from America we ask for a third on order, a third on dispatch from America and third payment on delivery in the UK


Please note a machines warranty is null and void if you do not maintain your machine correctly by using Final Rinse after every use


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