Softwash Training Online (20 Classes)

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Become a SoftWash Systems Certified Applicator.

Watch these 20 online educational classes at your own pace. There are over 20 hours in-depth training for you to learn and understand.

To become a SoftWash Systems certified applicator You MUST first pass the exam at the end of the course which will involve you attending our premises in KENT on agreed dates.

You will need to buy a SoftWash System and use our approved chemicals ONLY

Any leads we receive from your area will be passed over to you.

Content will be posted out to you on purchase with a course workbook and course content on a USB Stick

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These 20 SoftWash Training Online Classes are presented to you by AC Lockyer, the man with over 30 years experience in SoftWashing roofs and all other exterior surfaces.

The module is broken into 3 main modules.

  1. Duties
  2. Safety
  3. Spraying Techniques

In the first module (Duties) AC will walk you through the main and most important aspects of the Assistant Technician.

  • The ship of opportunities.
  • How to watch out for wasteful employees.
  • The employee triangle.

All content is posted out to you with a workbook and course content on a USB Stick

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