120ah High Quality Multi Purpose Leisure Battery

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The Xplorer™ 120ah high quality multi purpose leisure battery. Manufactured to cope with modern leisure power demands. Calcium plate technology increases recharge cycles and ensures long life. This battery is fully sealed and requires no topping up which makes it ideal for people who like little maintenance when it comes to batteries. A handy magic eye charge indicator comes fitted to the battery which makes it easy to check the state of charge.

This Xplorer™ battery comes with a handy set of dual terminal posts. This enables the user to connect to the battery using either round terminal fittings or threaded bolt. In addition you can also connect a second power source using the spare posts such as a solar panel. The battery also has a vent hole on the side of the battery so you can attach any venting tubes you wish.

Being multi purpose the battery can be used for engine starts too with over 700 Cold cranking amps (CCA)

In depth research has indicated that this battery will fit most battery compartments on leisure applications. Keep the battery in good health during inactivity by using a battery charger once a month and never allow the battery to run flat.

EU Capacity Ratings: [email protected] c100 [email protected] [email protected]


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