Lithium Power Supply – Bulk Rinse Pump

£2,600.00 + VAT

When you need a quiet portable power supply for your Softwashing equipment – the LPS lithium power pack is the answer.

You can arrange your free demonstration by calling 03332 423 272

Truck mounted Bulk Rinse pumps can be plugged into the mains or a petrol/diesel powered generator – which can be noisy when you are SoftWashing. Plugging into the mains electricity at your customers premises is not ideal. Portable power when you need it – the LPS is awesome!



SoftWash Equipment Power Pack

All in one power supply.

LPS – a complete lithium battery system in a compact robust design.

Can run the bulk rinse pump as well as the 12 volt bleach pump, and pure water pump etc

SoftWash Systems Equipment in the UK is the FIRST Softwashing equipment supplier to offer you this most amazing piece of equipment.

  • Euro 6 Compatible
  • Lightweight – only 30KG
  • Compact – 350mm x 355mm x 495mm


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