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How Do I Get Commercial Building Exterior Cleaning Work?

How Do I Get Commercial Building Exterior Cleaning Work?

A great question, and one asked by many who join us is how do I get commercial building exterior cleaning work? In truth, you should ask yourself first, are you ready and is your team ready to offer services to the commercial market. If you believe you are, then here are some tried and trusted methods used by many exterior soft washing companies around the world.

The simplest and cheapest way to get commercial building exterior cleaning work is to choose the buildings you know you can do an excellent job on and introduce yourselves to them.

  1. Walk in and get the persons name who you need to “write” to.
  2. If you do not get a face to face first time, do not worry – send them your marketing brochure through the POST and be sure to print their name on the envelope with a PEN. Everyone loves opening addressed mail these days, we do not get it often enough. Better still, include an unsolicited quotation for exterior roof and wall cleaning. (Learn how to do this in our Sales and Marketing Bootcamps)
  3. Call the company the same week and ask for the person by Name as “if” you know them, be authoritative. When you get through, ask them what did you think of “our brochure” and quotation. Try and fix up a firm date to A) Visit to discuss further B) Do a sample clean C) Book in the work.
  4. Whatever happens, put this person on your three-monthly mailing cycle plans.
  5. If you have their e-mail address, set them up in your email campaign.
  6. Set times for the entire year when you are going to “phone call” them. Best at least three monthly, alternative months to emails and post campaigns.

Eventually YOU will get a chance to get that commercial building, it may happen in year, 1, 2, 3 or longer, but you will get a chance BECAUSE they will know you very well. The best part is you know you will be able to do an excellent job because you chose the building.

The lifetime cost of acquiring customers this way is cheap when compared to using ADWORDS, FACEBOOK, TIKTOK etc. Social media means anyone can contact you; do they have the right type of building for you? Are they the right fit for the services you offer?

ONLY 4% of customers are ready to BUY NOW, so digital marketing can be expensive to just get work quickly.

Over 60% of customers are not ready right now, they need time, they need to get to know, like and trust you.

Long term business growth strategies MUST include the 60%. This will help with steady growth over the years to come.

This strategy also works on residential clients, but careful planning must be used to get the best homes that will give you a great return for your investment.

Your question was how do I get commercial building exterior cleaning work, now you know the answer your job is to go out there and start implementing.

Teach your sales people how to do this and they will never be short of leads coming in. Remember lazy lead runners wont help you grow your company.


For The Brave and The Bold…

You could always do a “sample” clean BEFORE you go in and ask….

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