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What Problems Are There When Soft Washing Patios?

There are a few common problems that can arise when soft washing patios, a type of outdoor surface that is often made of concrete, brick, or stone. These problems include:


1. Using too much pressure: It’s important to use the correct pressure when soft washing a patio. Using too much pressure can damage the surface.


2. Using the wrong cleaning solution: Different types of patio surfaces require different cleaning solutions. Using the wrong solution can potentially harm the surface or make it difficult to effectively remove dirt and grime.


3. Not allowing the cleaning solution to dwell: Most cleaning solutions need time to work. If you don’t allow the solution to dwell on the patio surface for the recommended amount of time, it may not effectively remove dirt and grime.


4. Not rinsing the patio thoroughly: After applying the cleaning solution, it’s important to rinse the patio thoroughly to remove any residue. If you don’t rinse the patio properly, it can leave behind streaks or a film that can be difficult to remove. Final Wash to neutralise chemicals is essential.


5. Damage to surrounding plants or grass: If the patio is not properly cleaned during the soft washing process, it’s possible that chemicals or water could damage surrounding plants or grass. It’s important to take steps to protect these areas before starting the cleaning process.

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