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Who Provides Soft Wash Training in the UK?

| 27th Nov
Who Provides Soft Wash Training in the UK

.Who Provides Soft Wash Training in the UK?

A great question and one asked by many, is who provides soft wash training in the UK.

Because we searched high and low, but could only find five soft wash training organisations in the United Kingdom.

A Brief History of Soft Washing

Soft Washing has been a well-established practice in the USA for over 32 years.

Soft Washing became extremely popular because, when a man named AC Lockyer started posting videos about soft washing on YouTube, everyone began to take notice.

Most roof and exterior cleaning company owners worldwide now regard him as the Patriarch of the soft wash roof and exterior cleaning industry. In fact, because of his contributions to the industry which have been widely recognised and celebrated.

AC Lockyer owns SoftWash Systems in Sanford, Florida.

He manufactures soft washing equipment, soft wash chemicals and provides soft wash training classes in nine countries worldwide. He is an entrepreneurial speaker and Author of the book “The 5 Keys to Pattern Success”


Soft Wash Training in The United Kingdom


Your google search should find five companies who provide soft wash training.

You should find Soft Wash Training Solutions, Benz Soft Wash, The British Window Cleaning Academy, Softwash UK, and SoftWash Systems. Who Provides Soft Wash Training in the UK is the search term we used. Because, there could be more, please let us know if you find any.

(1)   Soft Wash Training Solutions

In 2018, Soft Wash Training Solutions started providing recognized City & Guilds training. Because City & Guilds training certificates are respected by many, they can be valuable for demonstrating your expertise to potential clients.

The company owners, Mr. Christopher Cloke and Mr. Kevin Gifford, prioritize safety training first and do not focus on promoting their own equipment or chemicals. In fact, they are very enthusiastic about providing the highest-quality training.

To make training accessible, SoftWash training is conducted in hotel conference rooms across the country, with multiple course dates available throughout the year. This way, you can find a location and date that suits you best.


Day 1 starts with course administration, health and safety general, noise awareness, principles of COSHH, Risk Assessment overview, PPE, Manual Handling, Introduction to Safe Systems of Work, Actions When Things Go Wrong, Environmental Awareness and Working at Height.

Module two covers, Biofilm, Biocides, Generic Ingredients of Biocides, Methods of Biocide Application, Intro to Tools and Equipment, Cleaning Products and Implications of Use, Introduction to Other SoftWash Products.

Day 2 starts off with Risks and Alternatives, Application Methods and Techniques, Practical Informal Skills Assessments, Code of Professional Conduct, Summative Assessment.

You will receive a City & Guilds Training Certificate.

Mr Cloke is also the owner of Pro Clean direct based in Chineham, Basingstoke. The company also offers exterior surface cleaning mainly to buildings,

(2)   SoftWash UK Ltd

Softwash UK Ltd is an organisation owned by Mr Mark Cave and was established in January 2016. Mark is knowledgeable and offers support and video training as well as his own brand of Clever Wash chemicals. He is the developer of the Dosatron Clever Injector, mostly used in the domestic cleaning market. Search Google for Softwash UK and you will find his informative website with links to his video channel, for instance.

Mark Cave is the inventor of the world’s first Soft washing app

(3)   SW5 – The British Window Cleaning Academy.

Originally a window cleaning equipment manufacturer they switched from non- chemical cleaning to chemical cleaning late 2019. Derived from window cleaning equipment which sprays hot foam on buildings. Only offer a one day training course which teaches how to use their equipment. They have been manufacturing window cleaning systems for over twenty years.

(4)   Benz Soft Wash

Ben was originally a window cleaner who established Benz Soft Wash in 2015. They offer no formal training but have some “how to” PDFs on their website as well as offering for sale various chemicals and attachments for pressure washers.

5)   Purple Rhino’s SoftWash Systems

In 1983, Darran began his career as a window cleaner. Due to his extensive experience in cleaning exterior buildings, he has developed a strong passion for helping people grow their own business.

In addition to his passion, he became the UK distributor for SoftWash Systems after visiting Mr. Lockyer in Florida during a holiday in 2016. This opportunity allowed Darran to expand his knowledge and expertise in the industry, and bring new technologies and techniques to the UK market.

The advantages and disadvantages of these five soft wash training organisations are;

SoftWash Training Solutions Advantages

Low-cost two-day training course held often around the country

City & Guilds Qualification which is recognised

No pushing their own equipment

No Pushing their own chemicals

Easy to use work sheets

Multiple choice short exam, easy to pass

Softwash Training Solutions Disadvantages

Builds No Equipment

Has No Chemicals

No Online Training Portal at the time of drafting this article.

Mainly talks about Health & Safety type training which can be found online elsewhere.

Training is held in a classroom environment only.

Little to no entrepreneur training and development courses.

Limited history of soft wash training.

No understanding of Soft Wash equipment.

Little to no marketing help

Branding development does not exist.

Softwash UK Advantages

Mark Cave’s passion for Soft Washing and his desire to help others make him an ideal choice for smaller operators who prefer being owner-operators rather than expanding into larger operations. In fact, his expertise and guidance can be invaluable for those looking to grow their businesses while maintaining their independence.

Great online store with own range of chemicals

Cheap entry level portable chemical application equipment. Which may be ideal for newbies starting out.

SEO help and advice.

Soft washing App – for mixing of chemicals

SoftWash UK Disadvantages

No formal training courses to attend

Small locally owned company with limited training courses being available.

SW5 The British Window Cleaning Academy – Advantages

The company owner and manager have established themselves as window cleaning equipment suppliers for a long time. Because of their experience and expertise in the industry, in fact, are recognised and respected by many.

Cheapest course here at £195

Manufacturer of the Thermion and Foamion Systems

Own brand of foaming chemicals

SW5 The British Window Cleaning Academy – Disadvantages

Limited training experience in Soft Washing

Equipment designed for the residential market – slow to use.

Rinsing away foam wastes water continually.

Benz Soft Wash – Advantages

Free online soft wash training and advice.

Benz Soft Wash – Disadvantages

SoftWash Systems Advantages

Three day training course with an in depth look at Soft Washing

SoftWash Systems training is used in nine countries worldwide with hundreds of success stories to back up their claims.

A course for business owners.

Discover SoftWash Training includes the following chemicals for you to take away and try, five litres each of Green Wash, Terra Wash, Final Wash and Rain Fresh.

They have designed their own soft wash training courses, equipment and chemicals designed specifically for the Soft Washing industry.

The equipment has been designed to be world class and easy for business owners as well as employees to use and be trained on.

Long Established History

SoftWash Systems started their own SoftWash Academy in 2010.  This is the only soft wash training that is written, recorded and live instructed in multiple languages, including English, Spanish and Dutch with more on the way.

Academy On Line

Their softwash academy online portal has over two hundred and fifty training courses. Which is the largest portfolio of cleaning business training courses in the world.

Workbooks, videos, aids and resources are provided for each training course.

They have their own education department who are responsible for developing further education for business owners and their employees.

Certified Applicator is their second part of your soft wash training and upon completion you will get a certificate.


They support and develop entrepreneurs with weekly accountability groups via ZOOM meetings. Usually on a Friday morning, and with the sole aim of teaching you how to grow your business to a level you never even thought was possible.

They invite their members to industry specific training events. The exclusive Softwashapolooza in Florida USA being the main conference held each year. Which is Exclusive to In- Network members only who have passed their soft wash training.

They invite their members to In Network Facebook Groups which are full of likeminded professionals.

Invitation to make use of the SWS Creative Design team to help develop your business brand.

Providing you follow all the training and systems they teach you; they claim you will have a profitable business which works for you, rather than you for it.

Business Development Courses

Discover SoftWash training is not a course for employees. If you’re interested in providing your employees with comprehensive Soft Wash training, consider our Certified Applicator program. This online course includes 20 modules and a 200-question exam, but it’s important to note that there is an additional cost associated with this training.

Growing a successful Soft Washing business takes time and dedication. In fact, it typically requires at least two years of hard work. But with the right mindset and strategy, we believe that anyone can achieve their goals.

SoftWash Systems Disadvantages

Initial training costs are higher than others at £727, because the course is three days long.

Discover SoftWash Courses are only held ten times per year.

Discover SoftWash Classes are limited to only twelve attendees.

They only talk about their own equipment, chemicals, and training.

Courses only held in Ashford, Kent

After Discover SoftWash, SoftWash Systems only invite professional or developing entrepreneurs who are of the Growth Mindset to continue and move onto further courses and training.

Investment – Is at Entrepreneur Level

Because professional-grade Soft washing equipment can seem expensive, with systems starting at over £6,000 and going up to £50,000 for top-of-the-line van-mounted options. However, for those who are serious about building a successful business, these investments may be worth considering. We recommend weighing the costs and benefits carefully before making a decision.

Of the five companies we searched for who provides soft wash training in the UK, Benz does not appear to have any  formal softwash training courses they offer.

Who Provides Soft Wash Training in the UK? Tell us below if you know others.

Without proper SoftWash training, mistakes can happen. Take a look at the image below to see what can and does go wrong.

In Morally Bankrupt or in Untrained Hands, Pressure Washing or Soft Washing Can Damage Rendered Walls.


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